Monday, 2 July 2012

Fancy Meeting Up?

Online Meetup Clubs

Online meetup clubs have become a really popular way
 for people with similar interests  to meet up.
Its also a great way to make new friends,
especially if you are new to an area or want to expand your circle of friends.

There is a great variety of different meet up clubs in Dublin.
Check out the list below to see if you fancy any:

Food and Wine

The food and wine Club - if you like trying new restaurants but don't want to sit there on your own like Billy No Mates, this could be the club for you

Running Image

Dublin Running Club - if you are looking for some running mates

cinema picture

Cinema Craicers - for people who enjoy going to the cinema and discussing films

Group of singles picture

Singles Nights Dublin - looking for someone special?

Laughing Yoga Picture

Laughter Yoga Dublin - or just fancy a good laugh?


  1. Great blog Fiona, that's why I love Dublin so much to do for everyone.

    1. Thanks Clodagh,

      I know, always something to do
      - hope I've given you a few ideas!


  2. Love these ideas especially the meet up clubs...i never knew they existed, must check them out.

  3. Excellent Blog Fi, Great read, Very informative for anyone that isnt familiar with dublin too and wants to know whats to do in the city


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